To your left is an option for paying for your class. This is just an option. If you wish to make other arrangements for payment, that is no problem. We accept checks ($50.00 returned check fee), money orders, credit cards, and of course cash.  

The button directly below the class description is the one you would click on to pay for the class. 

Tutoring or driving lessons are available and are usually paid after each session is complete. The charge for driving lessons or other tutoring sessions is $45.00. A session is an hour in length. 

Payment plans can be set up if necessary. Please understand, no certificate of completion  will be issued until everything is paid in full. 

Payment options and to pre-register for Driver Improvement Program, Re-examination Course, Escort Certification Course, and Safe Driving for Mature Operators are on the pre-registration  page.  

Both Classroom and Behind the Wheel $450.00 (pd. in full)

Class and Behind the Wheel Balance-$350.00

For Driver Improvement, Escort, Regular Re-Exam, and Mature Operators Classes....

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Both Classroom and Behind the Wheel-$100.00​​ (deposit)

Behind the Wheel Balance-$225.00

Behind the Wheel Instruction-$325.00 ( full)

Since 1994

Driver Ed. Classroom/36 period Re-examination-$100.00 (deposit)

Behind The Wheel Instruction-$100.00 (deposit)

Driver Ed.Classroom/36 period re-examination-$325.00 ( full)