Below are forms for Pre-registration and Pre-pay. This is a new option for registering and  payment of these classes. Pre payment does offer you some saving. This is a new option and is still in the beginning stages. We are offering this as a means to get a good idea of the number of participants for the class. (In case we need to add extra chairs or begin registration for the next class)  If you have any questions or if the payment options are not working properly, please contact me here at Crowder's Driver Improvement Programs, LLC. 434-372-5888

Classes:                                         Pre-Pay                              Walk-IN

Driver Improvement                        80.00                                100.00

Re-examination                              115.00                               125.00

Escort Certification                        115.00                               125.00

SDMO                                   (Single) 30.00                                 35.00        

SDMO                                  (Couple) 35.00                                 40.00

Other class payment options are on the payment option page.  



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