"Great Class. You'd expect a driving class to be boring, Crowder's Driving Improvement is interesting! I've had to take the class twice and I also did behind the wheel with Crowder. They all were a good experience! I recommend his class to anyone."

D. Hendrick

"Very informative, learned some things I wasn't aware of. Very nice guy and hilarious. Thank you for your help!"

C. Camiolo

  • Driver Improvement Program
  • Safe Driving for Mature Operators
  • CDL Driver Improvement Program
  • Behind the Wheel
  • Classroom Driver Education
  • Re-examination courses for the written and driving test 
  • Escort certification classes
  • Driving lessons and  tutoring 
Crowder's Driver Improvement Programs, LLC began in 1994. Just as the name of the business indicates, it was a driver improvement program. This is a program that is designed to help those who have been ticketed and could use some help improving their driving record. We are  recognized by the courts and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. We offer these classes for those who are volunteers who wish to improve their driving record, to those required by the court to complete a class, and to those required by DMV to complete a class. For years this was and still is one of the main courses we offer, but since 1994, we have expanded and hopefully will continue to grow with other new programs being offered. Below is a list of the classes offered. (course descriptions will follow)

   Classes offered: 

About Crowder's Driver Improvement Programs

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Driver Improvement Programs,

Re-examination Course

Escort Certification Course


Safe Driving for Mature Operators


​Crowder's Driver Improvement Programs, LLC 


Since 1994

Course Descriptions

Driver Improvement ProgramsThis is the course that is required by DMV, the courts, or if you wish to receive up to five good points on your driving record. The CDL driver who needs these benefits can also take this course. 

Safe Driving For Mature OperatorsThe mature operators course is designed for the "older" driver. After the age of 55, you are allowed an insurance reduction for completing this course. This course does not get you "good" points with DMV, but it helps cut the cost of your insurance. This reduction is good for 3 years. Be sure to check with your insurance company for the amount of the reduction. 

Behind the WheelThis course meets the requirements of the state for those looking to get their license before the age of 18. To receive behind the wheel you must have a learner's permit and successfully completed the 36 period classroom driver education. 

Classroom Driver EducationWe offer the classroom driver education. This class is a requirement for those under the age of 18 who wish to get their driver's license. This class is also the re-examination course for those under the age of 19 who have failed the learner's test 3 times. 

Re-examination CoursesSome places refer to these courses as the "3-fail" courses. If you fail the written test or the driver test with DMV 3 times, successful completion of the re-examination course is required before you are allowed to test again with DMV. This is a one time requirement. You can take the test as many times as needed after completing this course. 

Escort Certification CourseThis is a new course for those who wish to drive escorts for over sized loads. This is a fairly "new" requirement by DMV. If you wish to obtain an escort license or yours  is about to expire, you will need to take this class to get your license or to renew your license. This is a very interesting and informative class and the participants add a lot to the class. They have a serious and tough job. 

Driving lessons and tutoringWe do offer driving lessons and tutoring sessions if you feel you need these services. Each session is based on the  individual's needs and assessments. Some people need more lessons than others depending on their prior experience. We will be honest and upfront with your needs.